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Zell OEM Laptop Replacement Keyboard for HP Presario QE346UA


  • Replace your faulty, cracked or broken keyboard with our new keyboards
  • Each keyboard was tested before shipping and are 100% working
  • Fit for: G4-1000 Series G4-1117DX G4-1130TX G4-1209TX G4-1050TU G4-1045TU G4-1016TX LQ368PA G4-1001TX LK443PA G4-1005TX LN453PA G4-1019TX LQ374PA G4-1020TX LQ375PA G4-1022TU LQ377PA G4-1029TU LQ373PA G4-1036TX etc. HP Compaq Presario CQ57 Series (A7A59UA) CQ57-218NR (LW442UA) CQ57-229WM (LW437UA) CQ57-310US (QE319UA) CQ57-314NR (QE325UA) CQ57-315NR (QE326UA) CQ57-319WM (QE321UA) CQ57-339WM (QE264UA) CQ57-386NR (A7A56UA) CQ57-410US (A7A49UA) CQ57-439WM (A7A54UA) CQ57-489CA (A7A61UA) CQ57-489WM (A7A60UA) CQ57-310 CQ57-311 CQ57-314 CQ57-229wm CQ57-214nr CQ57-310us etc. HP 2000 Series 2000-104CA (LV987UA) 2000-120CA (LP851UA) 2000-208CA (QC190UA) 2000-210US (LW365UA) 2000-211HE (LW368UA) 2000-216NR (LW430UA) ) 2000-300CA (A2Z17UA) 2000-320CA (A1V20UA) 2000-329WM (QE334UA) 2000-340CA (A1V21UA) 2000-350US (QE279UA) 2000-351NR (QE340UA) 2000-356US (A5F12UA) 2000-358NR (QE343UA) 2000-361NR (A5F13UA) 2000-363NR (QE291UA) 2000-365DX (QE121UA) 2000-369NR (QE346UA) 2000-400CA (A7U29UA) 2000-410US (A6Z99UA) 2000-425NR (A7A79UA) 2000-427CL (A7A70U) 2000-428DX (A7A80UA) 2000-450CA (A7T86UA) 2000-453CA (A7T89UA) 2000t-300 CTO 2000z-100 2000z-300 2000z-400 etc. HP G6 G6S G6T G6X Series G6-1B87CL (QA056UA) G6-1B97CL (QA057UA) G6-1C13CA (A1Z91UA) G6-1C31NR (QE229UA) G6-1C32NR (A5G02UA) G6-1C33CA (A1Z90UA) G6-1C40CA (A1V30UA) G6-1C41CA (A1V31UA)
  • Color: As Show In Picture
  • Layout: Qwerty
  • With Backlit: No
  • Please check the keyboard picture and layout carefully!

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Product Description

Zell Electronics is the top-leading store providing you with all the modern electronic solutions under one roof. This time Zell electronics comes with yet another laptop keyboard replacement for the HP Presario QE346UA that is a 100% genuine and high-quality product.

Looking for a keyboard with a smooth typing experience? Zell electronics is here to rescue you by introducing a whole new range of laptop keyboard replacements to you. This keyboard is the best thing to invest in as this is the OEM quality genuine keyboard. You will get a whole new experience as this is the fast and smoothest keyboard ever.

Zell Electronics store facilitates customers with dedicated customer support, free delivery as well as hassle-free payments and purchasing services. Explore all our products to add to your cart and have an amazing online tech-store experience. Go through our outstanding customer reviews to make sure you have made the best choice.



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